Privacy Policy

What do we collect? >

infinibrowser only collects anonymous analytics without associating it with any users.

We do not collect or store any of your personal information. The collected analytics do not include any form of personal identification.

What do we do with this data? >

The only type of collected data are anonymous analytics, which do not have any form of connection with the user.

We use these analytics to improve the user experience of our service and decide which features should we focus on and how to improve the availability of the website to all users.

How are the analytics processed? >

The anonymous analytics are processed with our local self-hosted Grafana instance. These analytics are not shared with any third party.

Where are the analytics stored? >

The analytics are stored in our PostgreSQL database on our own servers.

Cookies >

We do not use any cookies, local storage or any other form of browser storage on the user's side.