Frequently Asked Questions

Where does this website get the data? >

Most of the data on this website comes from scraping: requesting Infinite Craft's API in order to combine two different elements and get the result, which we then store in our database. (But we stopped doing this, because scraping is bad!!)

We also merge other people's databases with ours. All elements discovered by other people are given credit, as you can see in the item's information.

How can I add my elements? >

You can submit your savefile through our Save File Analyzer! Simply select a file and you will be prompted if you want to submit your savefile to the website!

You will also get credited on all elements added by you if you log in via Discord! You can see which elements do not exist in the website's database by clicking on the "Contributable" toggle in the sidebar.

Also, if you just want to share the element's recipe with your friends, there is a "Share" button which you can click to upload the element's lineage and get an unlisted link to it

All submitted savefiles will be added to the website's database after some time, please be patient. :)

I've submitted my savefile, but nothing has been added to the website >

To ensure that all the data on the website is correct, we first need to validate the user-submitted savefiles, as some people can create fake savefiles and submit them.

Currently, we do not have a good way of doing that besides scraping — which we can't do either, because Neal, the developer of the game, has added bot protection to the games API.

All submitted savefiles are stored in our database, and will be added to the website once Neal provides us with a validation endpoint.

What do “censored” elements mean? >

Neal decided to go corpo mode™ and censor some elements (and in a very lazy way).

So, for example, you can no longer craft the item "Islavender", because it contains the word "slave". Or "Bahamas", because it contains the word "hamas". Not all restrictions are like that, though, but this already breaks a lot of recipes.

This does not affect elements that you have already crafted ‐ censored elements can be combined, but not obtained.

All (known) censored elements are highlighted with a red color on the website.