v1.5.5 2024-04-25 >

  • Added two new filters to the savefile analyzer ('Regex Search' and 'Recipeless')
  • Added a button to clear your search query in the analyzer
  • Added a 'no results' text to the analyzer when there are no results
  • Lineages with elements that don't have a recipe now show a list of all these elements
  • You can now press 'Escape' to close the item view in the analyzer
  • Fixed the broken savefile message appearing for some savefiles that do not have any missing recipes

v1.5.4 2024-04-22 >

  • The savefile analyzer no longer freezes the tab with large savefiles
  • The savefile analyzer now ignores capitalization while loading recipes (fixes some "missing" recipes)

v1.5.3 2024-04-20 >

  • The item view page now shows the total recipe and use count for an element
  • The item view page now shows the remaining amount of recipes/uses as you scroll down the list
  • The InfiniBrowser logo on the search page now sends you to the main page instead of just clearing your search query
  • Fixed incorrect rounding causing the website's description to state '2M+ elements' even though there are only 1.5 million
  • Improved performance when sorting by random

v1.5.2 2024-04-19 >

  • Fully changed the element viewing page
    • Added a 'back' button that returns you to search
    • You can now see all the recipes and uses for an element
    • The lineage, recipes and uses have been split into separate pages
    • 'Share' and 'Copy Lineage' buttons have been changed to icons
  • Fixed the discord bot not showing the correct server count

v1.5.1 2024-04-15 >

  • You can now specify search params in the URL (also automatically updates when you change your query)
  • Added indexing to the search to make it significantly faster and use much less resources
  • Some grammatical fixes

v1.5.0 2024-04-13 >

  • Improvements to the search page
    • The WebSocket connection is now closed if the page was hidden for a few minutes
    • The WebSocket connection no longer automatically reconnects if the page is hidden
    • Searching now shows elements with smaller name length first
    • Pressing a key on the search page will now focus on the input field
    • Levenshtein distance is no longer used for sorting by relevancy, as it made search much slower and resource intensive
    • Added a hidden captcha because there have been quite a few API abusers lately
    • And a bunch of optimizations related to the search

  • 'Share' button now copies a compact URL instead of including the entire name of the element in the link
  • Increased the maximum lineage size to 500 steps
  • The Discord bot is now sharded and runs separately from the website

  • fix: Searching could sometimes display results while still typing and not update them later
  • fix: Scrolling down while sorting by time (descending) breaks when a lot of new elements get added to the website
  • fix: The savefile analyzer now generates optimal lineages properly

v1.4.3 2024-04-09 >

  • Added 'Copy Lineage' button to the detailed item info page
  • Added the amount of submitted savefiles to the /stats command in the Discord bot
  • Removed the memory usage statistics from the /stats command
  • Changed arrows (->) to equal signs (=) for the 'Copy Lineage' button
  • Fixed the 'Contributable' toggle not filtering elements properly in the savefile analyzer

v1.4.2 2024-04-06 >

  • The /stats command in the Discord bot now shows the amount of submitted savefiles
  • Fixed some elements not having a depth even if they have a proper lineage
  • Fixed the order button not resetting to ascending after opening a different save file in the analyzer
  • Increased the maximum lineage to 2048 steps for sharing the element with a link
  • Sorting by depth now hides elements that do not have any recipes
  • Did a small refactor of the REST API on the backend

v1.4.1 2024-04-05 >

  • Added a /submit command to the Discord bot which allows you to submit your suggestions or bugs
  • The generated lineages in the Save File Analyzer are now much more optimal
  • Fixed broken lineages for savefiles with missing recipes in the Save File Analyzer
    • Big thanks to @StarGazingHomies for writing the lineage generation algorithm!!!
  • Fixed the expand button not working when clicked on the arrow instead of the space around it
  • Fixed the 'Share Link' button not allowing to share the same element with a different lineage

v1.4.0 2024-03-26 >

  • Added Save File Analyzer
    • You can browse all your elements with different sorting options and advanced search
    • You can generate lineages for your elements by clicking on them in the element list
    • You can also share the element lineage to someone else with a link!
    • You can also search elements by regex by surrounding the query with slashes (/like this/)
    • You can export your savefile to our custom binary format, which gradually reduces the size of the savefile
    • You can also load binary savefiles into the analyzer, and export them back to JSON

  • Updated the list of censored words because Neal blocked a few more yet again
  • Fixed censored elements not highlighting properly on the search page
  • Fixed a few caching related issues
  • Decreased the size of JavaScript scripts, which should slightly improve load times
  • And a few more small fixes/tweaks on the backend
  • You can no longer submit your savefile through our Discord Bot

v1.3.0 2024-03-16 >

  • Added random placeholder texts to the search bar
  • Added a refresh button to the /random command
  • Added the changelog (might not include some small past changes)

  • Updated the FAQ and the Privacy Policy, as well as their style
  • Updated the /stats command in the Discord bot
  • Updated the list of censored words
  • The search page now shows lineages that take under 20 steps so you don't have to click 'More Info' that often

  • Added robots.txt and sitemap.xml and improved some meta tags for better SEO
  • Made the database use numerical IDs instead of item names for the recipes to reduce storage usage
  • Made some optimizations to the in-memory cache to reduce memory usage
  • Fixed script or style caching causing some issues when a new update gets released
  • Fixed a ton of bugs

v1.2.3 2024-03-10 >

  • Added lineage generation for elements with no optimal lineage
  • The /recipe command now shows complex recipes with page navigation
  • Improved the Privacy Policy page to make it look like the FAQ page

v1.2.1 2024-03-04 >

  • Neal censored some elements in the game, so the website now highlights all (known) censored elements as red
  • Added a Frequently Asked Questions page
  • Removed sorting by first discovery

v1.2.0 2024-03-02 >

  • Added sorting by recipe count and use count
  • Users can now submit their savefiles to the website's database through the /analyze command
  • A very big backend refactor
  • Added more indexing to optimize search and sorting by name length
  • Sorting by time when searching now sorts by relevance, which is calculated using the Levenshtein distance
  • Exact matches now come up first when searching for an element

v1.1.2 2024-02-28 >

  • Improved the scalability to account for sudden rise in website's popularity
  • Added privacy policy

v1.1.1 2024-02-27 >

  • You can now middle click on an element to open it in a new tab
  • Some visual tweaks on the search page
  • Added a /recipe command to the discord bot

v1.1.0 2024-02-26 >

  • Full frontend redesign
  • Added a mainpage
  • A ton of backend optimizations related to searching and scrolling
  • You can now sort by popularity (amount of views)
  • Fixed some bugs

v1.0.0 2024-02-24 >

  • Initial release